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Hampshire Police Sub Aqua Club

Welcome to the home of the Hampshire Police sub Aqua Club, we are affiliated to the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), the face of diving in the United Kingdom.

We are a friendly bunch of people interested in diving, comprising of Police officers, Police staff, their families and invited civilian members, catering for all ages and abilities. Divers from other training agencies are also more than welcome.

We hold regular pool sessions on a Monday night at a pool based in Portsmouth as well as a varied dive program which includes monthly meets at Horsea. Typical dive locations are along the south coast and include areas such as the Solent, Weymouth and Portland, South Devon and Cornwall. We also organise trips further afield to areas such as the Scilly Isles, Scapa Flow and the Shetland Isles, as well as the odd trip to warmer waters.

Try dives can be arranged on demand, as can any training requirements as we try to cater for all tastes, simply contact the club via the contact us page to arrange. For further information on diver training, please see our Diver Training section.

Contact:- Enquiries for further details

Under pressure…London Dive Chamber

From the start of our training as Ocean Divers, the dangers of diving are drummed into us. The incident pit, getting narked, oxygen toxicity, the bends, embolisms; the list is endless and often startling for a new diver undergoing training. st time you experience narcosis, or the other effects of pressure, it is best to be in a safe controlled environment. With it being winter and the weather not really suitable for diving, the club booked a training trip for the club to the London Diving Chamber at St John’s Wood.  READ MORE